5 Ways to Avoid Dirty Carpets

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Your carpet should last for as long as possible without sacrificing the way it looks. Clients and employees will appreciate a clean office space and respect your company for its commitment to providing an aesthetic environment.

Here are Five Ways to Avoid Dirty Carpets

1. Look for Traffic Tracks

After a while, you may begin to notice you can tell where people walk most frequently in the office. These traffic tracks show wear and tear of your carpet. Once you start to see these tracks, it’s time to call a cleaning company.

2. Are there faded spots on the carpet?

A real sign of carpet that needs cleaning is faded spots. Sometimes it can be hard to spot these in your office as a whole, but you don’t want to get to that point. Any notice of small areas that don't match the broader area of carpet means a deep cleaning is needed.

3. People are Complaining of Allergies

Dust mites, mold, and dander can build upon the deep surface of carpets. You may notice that people are always sneezing in the office but without issue outside, or it may even begin to smell. To avoid this build up, sign on for a regular carpet cleaning with a professional company.

4. Remove Permanent Stains

You may vacuum your office carpet regularly, but the appearance of stains will have it continue to look dirty. To avoid the appearance of stained carpets enlist the help of a cleaning company who can apply broad, penetrating solutions.

5. Take Care of Water Damage

If there is water damage, it should be treated immediately. Mold growth can appear in water damaged carpet and cause issues beyond just your flooring.

Avoiding dirty carpets is all about being proactive. Once you notice a stain or other issues with your carpet, you should get a professional cleaning. For a Boise cleaning company that gets the job done, call us today!