5 Things to Look for In a Commercial Cleaning Service

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5 Things to Look for In a Commercial Cleaning Service

Keeping your office, building, or property clean portrays to your customers that you care and notice details. Instead of choosing any random commercial cleaning service in Boise, there are a few things you should look for:

1. Consistency

An excellent cleaning service is only as good as its results as a whole. You want to be assured that the cleaning procedures you request are followed through to completion every single time. Make sure your commercial cleaning service is committed to a quality job that will show throughout the entirety of their contract and beyond. Consistency also indicates that a company believes in accountability.

2. Communication

Communication is a two-way street, and it’s important that your Boise commercial cleaning service involves you every step of the way. Whether you need to discuss a change of schedule or when new requirements arise, you want to be able to reach the cleaning company quickly. Their ability to respond concisely will also show their level of integrity.

3. Effectiveness

A commercial cleaning company may have all the required tools, but without a well thought out plan, their strategy may not be effective. Look for a business that accurately screens and hires employees, communicates well, and processes transactions fairly and in time sensitive manner. The smoother the processes a company has in place, the happier you will be with their services.

4. Transparency

Anytime you are paying for a service that impacts the outcome of your business you need to be completely aware of the costs. Transparency with a cleaning service is necessary because there are many different services and levels of detail. Sometimes a light cleaning is needed where other times all cracks and corners needed to be scrubbed. Being aware of exactly what you are receiving related to what you are paying will save you from unneeded surprises.

5. An Industry Certification

Lastly, work with a company that has an occupational license for building maintenance. This certification is only given to those who adhere to industry standards and hold themselves to a level of excellence and customer satisfaction.

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