4 Tips for Choosing a Commercial Cleaning Company

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Maintaining your office space should be a priority for a few different reasons. While the upkeep of your office may be a no-brainer, choosing the right commercial cleaning company can be a daunting task. With so many companies to choose from in Boise, it can be difficult to narrow them down.

What to Look for in a Commercial Cleaning Company

1. Services Offered

The first thing you’ll want to know before hiring a commercial cleaning company is if they provide the services you need. Some companies specialize in janitorial services while others focus on window cleaning. You might also be in the market for a commercial cleaning company that can provide multiple services. This will streamline your process and eliminate any companies you don’t need to contact. Some services you may be in need of are:

2. Past Reviews and Experience

Commercial cleaning companies enter your property after hours for the most part. Handing over this responsibility requires confirming that they are a reputable company. Inquire about current clients and experience to gain a sense of well established the cleaning company is. Having an idea of who they work for and how long will help you decide if you can trust them.

3. Quality of Employees

Protecting your property starts with trusting a company to provide service after hours, but ensuring they do a quality job requires asking about their workforce. A professional commercial cleaning company should be able to walk you through the steps of their hiring process. The process should include screening with background checks followed by employee training for a uniformed end product. You can also ask if a staff member will visit your facility regularly or if turn-over requires irregular scheduling.

4. Experience in Your Industry

Your industry can determine the level of experience needed by a commercial cleaning company. For example, if you are seeking services for a medical facility you’ll need a business that can adhere to rigorous guidelines. On the other hand, if your institution is data-driven and houses technology there will be a process for making sure wires are not moved in a destructive fashion.

Found ONe. Now What?

So you narrowed down your options and you think you found the one. Now what do you do? Here's what to do. 

  • Get their references. A reputable service will have references! Don't be afraid to ask for them, and in particular, get references from other companies in your industry. 
  • Conduct a phone interview. Before the commercial cleaning service even gets to your place of business, conduct an interview over the phone. Ask about licensing, cleaning products, referrals--whatever is important to you.
  • Walk-through. Most cleaning services are happy to send someone out to do a walk-through of your office or place of business. Make sure this walkthrough is a fair example of what the work will consist of--for example, don't clean up beforehand.
  • Decide. When making the final decision, keep in mind that this company must work well with your own company. Ask questions, take notes, do research. Just remember: this will take teamwork, and you have to choose a partner you can work with.

When it comes to choosing a Boise-based commercial cleaning company, you’ll want to make sure they provide your needed services, have extensive experience, hire and retain quality employees, and know how to maintain your facility. To learn more about choosing a commercial cleaning company, call us today