Don’t Destroy Beautiful Hardwood – Hire Professionals for Care

Many businesses have hardwood flooring inside their facility. These are sometimes limited areas that provide interior accents. You may even see hardwood floors throughout an entire building. It is important to provide the proper care to this flooring. This means cleaning with the correct materials, using effective methods. Depending on whether the wood is finished or unfinished, there may be methods specifically for your floor.

What Your Windows Say about You? – Stunning Commercial Properties

There are some commercial cleaning services that are more popular than others. These are services performed both inside the building and outside. They are tools used to make a good impression on businesses. This attracts new customers to your products and services. At the same time, guests are impacted by the look of your facility. The windows of your location can play a role in this process. They are either stunning or distracting.

Let It Be November

Whether you’re celebrating a big win or mourning a loss from the recent elections on this “morning after”, we remind you that there is always a positive side; No more aggressive political ads, intense televised debates, piles of opinionated junk mail... Yes! Good bye to all of that! And when it’s all said and done, it is still November. The holidays are upon us. You still have time to get a head start on Christmas shopping, get your work caught up before the holidays and get to a good place for ending another tax year. So relax and know that all is well...

Janitorial Services Make an Impression – Grab Clients’ Attention

Janitorial services are used daily by a variety of different businesses. Some of these services are performed during the day, while operational functions are taking place. It is also possible to secure janitorial services at night. The goal is to clean your facility, office or building. You should also want to maintain this process so that it makes an impression on your clients. There are certain details that catch the eye more so than others.

The Benefits of a Clean Office

We all know that we prefer to have a clean office as opposed to a dirty one, but what are some of the actual benefits of having a clean office? When we take a look at it, we realize that we spend a lot of time in our offices, more than we think. This happens to be roughly eight hours a day for five days a week. That’s quite a bit of time and our environments will certainly affect our moods and the way we live. That’s why having a clean office is way more than just a convenience.

Pro Power Clean Specialties

There are many different commercial cleaning companies out there that are able to get the job done. But it isn’t always about getting the job done—it’s about getting the job done right. Pro Power Clean has a solid reputation for not only getting jobs done on time, but getting them done right the first time. That ‘s because we have a lot of different areas that we specialize in. Janitorial work is a lot more than just taking out the trash. Our employees are skilled in various types of surfaces and cleaning procedures.



Finding the Right Janitorial Service for you

If you’re a business owner, then you understand the importance of keeping your office clean and organized during the week. A clean office has been proven to act as an effective way to boost morale and keep your employees motivated. But who has the time to keep the office clean on top of all of the other work you are trying to accomplish? If it’s a small office, then you may have an employee doing this work. But if your office is larger, then you may need to hire the skills of a trained professional to get the office cleaned for you.

Easy Guide to Cleaning and Disinfecting Your Keyboard

Research suggests that your office keyboard can be up to 5x dirtier than your toilet seat! After swabbing 33 keyboards for food poisoning bacteria, scientists found traces of e. coli, coliforms, staphylococcus aureus, and enterobacteria on the office keyboards of a local business. Not only that, but one of the keyboards from the study had over 150 times the acceptable safe limit of bacteria! With office keyboards harboring enough bacteria to get employees sick, here’s our quick, 5-step guide to cleaning your keyboard.

Reasons Your Business Will Benefit From Commercial Cleaners

If you’re working full-time, let’s face it: your office is practically your second home. And not only is it your second home, it’s also the second home to all of your co-workers and employees! With so many people spending so many hours there, there’s no question that you need to take good care of it. Unfortunately, for many businesses, this isn’t always the case.


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